Designing a moon buggy

Year 2 have been busy designing a moon buggy. First we read 'Man on the Moon by Simon Bertram, Then we designed a moon buggy to help him get around. Today we began to build the buggy by constructing the chassis and attaching the axles and wheels. It was quite tricky making sure that the wheels…

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Year 6 enjoyed the second of their three Slavery Workshops at the Judges' Lodgings Museum in Lancaster.  They really enjoyed creating some printed art with the aim of claiming back the identity of those men and women moved across the ocean to be slaves.  They also enjoyed participating in an…

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Y4 Food Tasting

Today, Year 4 tasted a range of different foods that might be included in a pasta sauce...which we will be making in a few weeks time! Anchovies and olives where the most controversial, however several children found out they enjoyed a range of foods they hadn't had before.

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Year 6 interviews Father Steve

Year 6 had a fantastic chance to learn all about vocation when Father Stephen popped into class!

We asked him lots of questions and listened as he explained his journey from Ordination to his life and work today.

Thank you Fr Steve!


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Y4 Go in Search of Romans

Today, Year 4 dodged the rain and visited Lancaster City Museum and the Roman Ruins below the Castle to back up our history work this term.

In the museum, the children really explored the Romans exhibits to complete a quiz, then at the ruins, they sketched the Bath House, thought about how it…

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Year 4 Football Training

Year 4 had a wonderful football session this morning, led by Dan Lofthouse from OLCC. We practised different ways of stopping and sending the football, using different parts of our feet. We were so busy we didn't even notice the rain!

Sport & P.E.

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Football Coaching

Year 5 have had a bit of excitement this week! It may have rained, it may have been cold, but we had a great time with football coach Dan. We had a fabulous time learning new skills such as rainbow flicks, keeping the ball up in the air and controlling a dropped ball. 


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Eden Bear is Here!

We were all very excited today when Mrs Grierson brought us a letter that had been posted to us. It was from Eden Bear. Later in the day, he arrived! We had so much fun showing him around our classroom. We read him a story and introduced him to our bears in class. They get on very well. We have…

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Exploring space!

This week we began learning about explorers and started by researching Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. As well as watching video clips and reading information on the internet, we thought about what is fact and what is fiction and came up with a list of facts about Neil…

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