Figure Sketching

“Today in art we have been sketching real life figures. We have been trying to show life like qualities without using facial expressions. We posed our figures and then we sketched them with different sketching pencils.” Robyn

“It was a bit difficult to draw legs when they are bent.”…

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Reception First Day - Group 4 (15/09/2021)

We now have all of our friends in school! It has been exciting to have our final group in today! Our favourite things to do today were building in the contruction area and playing in the role play area. Mrs Lee was very impressed with our bravery and resilience when we built our obsticle course!…

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Year 4 - A Talented Class!

As part of their learning in RE and PSHE, Year 4 have been thinking about their talents. What a talented group of children they are! Talents include dancing, singing, reading, running, talking, maths, caring for others. We read a letter from Pope Francis which urges young people to think about how…

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Big Toys

Today we had a lovely time playing on the big toys! We had bikes, scooters, hoops and balls to play with. Mrs Lee was very impressed with our sharing and turn taking. We all had so much fun and can't wait to go out on them again!



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Reception First Day - Group 3 (13/09/2021)

We've had another group of new starters today. It has been another lovely day. We've really enjoyed making crafts. We've made all sorts of things such as cakes and people. Mrs Lee is very grateful for all of the lovely things that have been made for her in the craft area. We've also really enjoyed…

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Imagining History - A Viking Raid

Year 5 were transported back in time and became Vikings for the afternoon! We learnt how to put together a successful Viking raid against the Saxons and created our own timeline of the Viking era. 

In the photographs you can see us making a Longship, learning about navigation methods and…

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Super Science

Year 6 finished off their first week with a super science lesson!


We learnt all about adaptation and how animals and plants have changed over many years to survive in their environments.

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