Lancaster Lowrys Y3

Image of Lancaster Lowrys Y3

We have been creating pictures in the style of Lowry. We used photographs of Lancaster and recreated them with sketching pencils then highlighted the pictures using watercolour paints. Can you spot where in Lancaster the images are from?

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Why has a camel got a hump?

Image of Why has a camel got a hump?

Why has a camel got a hump?  Why do both penguins and polar bears have webbed feet?

How can a cactus survive in the desert?

Well, if you ask Year 6 they can tell you as they explored how animals and plants can adapt to their location by making changes to their bodies and behaviours!

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Year 5 Class Mass

Image of Year 5 Class Mass

This morning, Father Steve came to celebrate Mass with Year 5 in our classroom. It was a really special time of prayer and reflection for us all as we thought about what it means to serve each other as Jesus did and as the apostles, St Timothy and St Titus did. We are grateful to Father Steve for…

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Year 5 Learning about Christian Churches

Image of Year 5 Learning about Christian Churches

Children in Year 5 have  worked well together in groups this week to produce posters about some of the Christian Churches in Lancaster. We found out how much we all have in common, particularly in our commitment to following the teachings and example of Jesus.

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Y3 Fractions Challenge

Image of Y3 Fractions Challenge

We have been learning about fractions. As our challenge task today we were trying to find out how many different ways we could shade half of a 4 x 4 square. How many ways can you think of?

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Y4 Dancing in The Streets (well, Our Lady's!)

Image of Y4 Dancing in The Streets (well, Our Lady's!)

Today, Year 4 went to Our Lady's Catholic College to take part in the 'Mowtown Sounds' Primary Dance Show.

Eight primary schools from the area took part and our dance was one of the amazing displays of talent, enthusiasm and enjoyment that parents came to enjoy at the end of the day.


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Chinese New Year

Image of Chinese New Year

We have had a busy week in Reception learning all about Chinese New Year. We were lucky to have a lady from China come and teach us some Chinese words and songs. We also tried some Chinese food (vegetable spring rolls, prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip) for snack one day. We learnt the story of…

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Looking at historical sources in Year 5

Image of Looking at historical sources in Year 5

For history day, Year 5 studied different sources of evidence about evacuation of children during World War 2. They considered the evidence from first hand sources and used it to form an opinion to answer the question, "Was it a good idea to evacuate children during World War 2?". Our opinions…

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Y4 Debate the Tudors

Image of Y4 Debate the Tudors

During the school History Day, Year 4 explored the Tudors.

We started off looking at who were the Tudors and ordering them in a timeline. Then we researched the monarchs and wrote a piece "Who was the beast Tudor monarch?" There was definitely different points of view and some interesting ideas…

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